About Us

We are empathetic individuals who value making a positive difference in the world. Education provides a strong sense of purpose to us. We believe that educators are enablers, they have the ability to inspire and influence minds. With this thought in our minds, we have created this platform to ignite a passion for learning, foster creativity, encourage critical thinking, and build resilience and relationships.

With the mantra of growing together, we are here to create a learning community fostering mutual intellectual growth.

Dr. Shivani Sahni

Educator | Global Life Skills Ambassador | Trainer | Speaker | Moderator | Poet | Author

Yashas Sahni

Fashion Enthusiast | Graphic Designer | Illustrator | Blogger

Hitechha Sahni

Student Guide & Mentor Topmate.io | Coordinator IIU-ISDC | Member Teenagers of India | Young Entrepreneur | Growth Mindset Expert | Mental Wellness Enthusiast | Poet | Author